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Are you confused about the orders and payments you are getting? Are you thinking that there is a lot of mess?

Amazon has divided the payments into two types viz. Electronics Transactions and Cash on Delivery (COD) Transactions. Every week a seller gets two payments from Amazon through NEFT and IMPS mode. Along with this, Amazon applies various types of fees for selling on Amazon like referral fees, fixed closing fees, listing fees, refund processing fees, inbound transportation fees, FBA fees, return charges, advertising charges, packing charges, easy ship charges, shipping chargeback fees, gift wrap fees and many more.

Amazon pays you weekly in bulk so it's not clear for which order you have got the payment and for which order payment is returned. How much fees have been charged by Amazon and whether it is correct or not?

If you have sold a product in the last week of the month and paid GST for it, unfortunately, the product is returned by the customer in the first week of next month then how to reconcile the GST amount?

Due to this, it is very difficult to understand the money transactions. We are here to assist you with that. Our financial expert team along with amazon account managers will explain your payments in detail and help you to understand everything.

They will tally your account orders and the amount that had been deposited into your account previously. They will also give you a simplified report of your transactions which will help you in the future.

We are always happy to serve you.

Contact our experts to get your account reconciled.