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Enhanced Brand Content/A+ Cataloging is a feature that allows brand owners to enhance the product description with more text, images, and banners. The rich media content attracts customers and engages them to your product detail page for a longer time.

Comers Global Solutions EBC Service helps you to modify the product description with visually enhanced content. This feature will lead to better conversion including multiple product images, banner images, and keyword-rich descriptions. Images created by our expert graphics designers will help you to describe your product in a unique way and thus, stand out differently from your competitors and gain the attention of the customers. This will automatically increase traffic to your product detail page. Our trained and certified content writers will cover detailed information about your brand and the product specification in your EBC.

We will help you to spread your brand awareness, improving your sales conversion rate as it gives more information and images to customers to make them feel comfortable and confident with the purchase.

As you know, most of the customers purchase by using their mobile phone. According to Amazon, 72% of customers order from the mobile app. EBC is mobile friendly when your customer visits your product detail page on his mobile. EBC will appear first and then your bullet points.

Hence, adding an EBC to your product detail page can increase your conversion rate up to 30%.

In the EBC package, we will provide a complete EBC design of your products with unique content, lifestyle images, and free upload.

Why Choose Us?

Plagiarism Free Content: You must be knowing the concept of plagiarism. It is the scale of copy content. 100% plagiarism means the content is copied from other websites and plagiarism below 5% means the content is unique. And only the unique content gives the best results of sales and ranks on Amazon as well as Google, which will help you to stand out differently from other sellers selling on Amazon.

Purchased Lifestyle Image: The lifestyle images we provide are all purchased images and copyright free so you will not face any problem in the future.

Incredible Graphics: The best infographics can make dry data and complex information interesting, easy to visualize. Amazing graphics on your product features explains it better and attracts as well.

Keyword Research and Sorting: Also you might know the value of keywords. Right keywords are the most important factor for getting views and order. Being a partner of Amazon, we have internal access tools. We can fetch keyword data, and extract main keywords through which your competitors are getting orders and we will add those keywords in your listing, and in very few days you can observe changes. Moreover, we divide keywords into 4-5 types as per their ranking on Amazon. We add them behind every EBC image.

Benefits of adding EBC or A+ content:-

  1. Takes your brand to next level by increasing your brand value
  2. Allows you to add the brand story
  3. Allows you to add more information and images about your product and brand
  4. Explains product in a better way to customers by helping them to visualize it
  5. Adding A+ increases the conversion rate
  6. Enhances product marketing
  7. Attract new buyers to your product pages
  8. Delivers the best experience to buyers

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