Convert a visitor into your customer!

Being a seller, you need to describe a product well with all the features, benefits, quality, material, usages, and many more things. Listing is what describes your products to customers and offers something different from others and we understand that very well.

We are here to help you with the best listing and cataloging experts who are experienced in listing and cataloging. They will assist you in designing a detailed listing that includes title, bullet points, and product description in such a way that it will be easily searchable on Amazon and will stand out different from your niche competitors. This SEO friendly, keyword-rich data will help you to offer something different and have maximum visibility on Amazon which will help you to boost sales in the future.

Cosmers Listing and Cataloging Service Benefits:

  1. SEO friendly content increases your visibility on the marketplace
  2. Keyword-rich content shows your detail page to appropriate search and increases your conversion rate
  3. Improves product ranking and attract customers
  4. Makes communication easier between you and customers
  5. Answers all customers questions and explains all features in detail
  6. Gives additional push as compared to normal listing
  7. A complete listing will contribute to your brand building

What do we do? / WorkFlow

  1. Detailed study of your product taking into consideration of demand in the market and its need
  2. Review your competitors listing to make the best listing out of all
  3. Premium keyword research for listing creation, sorting of sales, and visibility gaining creation
  4. Creation of keyword rich and SEO friendly listing content i.e. title, bullet points, and product description

What if you want some changes in Listing Content or you are not happy with the delivery?

Don’t worry, we are always here to serve you with the best service. Just contact us, discuss the changes and we are ready with your listing.

Contact us for samples and get free consultancy from our domain experts.